Website Services

Cloud-based Web Hosting Services

Without making capital investment, you can have a low-cost and high availability option for your websites. With our cloud hosting services, you can cut down the IT infrastructure and support costs considerably. Also, all servers hosted on the Sign In Media platform have a high availability and are provided within minutes.

CMS Based Website Deployment

Content Management Systems, or CMSes have drastically changed the web development landscape. We at Sign In Media offer open source CMS services to small and large businesses. Our expert developers analyze your requirements and offer a custom specific CMS solution to your business. We work closely with our clients to develop, deploy and maintain content rich websites to create a more powerful web presence. Our main expertise is with WordPress CMS.

WordPress Services

We offer professional WordPress solutions including plugin development, theme design and integration, performance optimization, troubleshooting, maintenance and customizations.

  • Deployment,
  • Theme Development,
  • Enhancements through Plugins, and
  • Customizations

Website Management Services

We specialize in quality website management services for our clients. From the early development stages to later on as you progress and expand, our support staff provides ongoing Site Administration and Content Management services that are ideal for clients who are either too busy or not capable of keeping their sites active.

Domain Registration and Management

The registration of domain name and domain management can be confusing if you do not have the required knowledge regarding the procedures involved. Sign In Media has a range of Domain Name Services available. These include pointing your domain name anywhere, web forwarding and domain parking. Our web consultant will advise you on which services are best suited for your website. Registering a new domain name, renewal of an existing one or management and troubleshooting with the current domain name, are all of our expertise.

Email System Deployment and Management

The support engineers at Sign In Media are experienced in providing services related to email infrastructure and application support. Our team can assist your business in effective email deployment and support by minimizing the risks involved in implementation. We can maximize the performance of the email system by accurately identifying the business needs and technical requirements. Our services include design, implementation, training to the clients, and support for client transitions.

Google Tools Services – Deployment, Administration and Reporting

We provide a full range of Google tools services for our clients including implementation, training and support. We provide professional services for all the important phases of implementation that include initial technology assessment, setting up of the basic account, email delivery setup and training to your administrator for managing the Google Apps Account. We also offer technical support to our customers ranging from basic services of IT support to managed helpdesk for end users.

  • Google Analytics,
  • Feedburner,
  • Google Adsense,
  • Google Apps,
  • Google Webmaster Tools

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